As the world’s largest privately held insurance brokerage firm, Lockton Companies devotes significant resources to copy, print and scanning needs. Two years into a three year contract with a major copier manufacturer, Lockton identified a number of development areas. While reasonably satisfied with product performance, Lockton contacted Revolution Office seeking an improvement in account management and a meaningful reduction in costs for six offices in their Pacific Division.


Revolution Office performed an extensive review of Lockton’s document technology operations, analyzing their current fleet and assessing the potential for technology upgrades. Identifying a number of solutions to improve technical and customer service, while also reducing costs, Revolution Office implemented a plan to upgrade Lockton’s printer/scanner/copier fleet, to pay off remaining lease obligations, and to significantly improve the overall customer experience.


Revolution Office significantly upgraded Lockton’s document technology, reduced Lockton’s costs by $105,000 and also paid off their remaining lease obligations. Uptime increased considerably, resulting in productivity gains that allow Lockton to remain focused on their mission. As a result of technology upgrades and improved technical support, customer satisfaction reached an all-time high.


"We’ve enjoyed our relationship with the owners and management of Revolution Office. Their team has consistently delivered on their promises and have provided a first-class experience for my associates."

Timothy Noonan
CEO, Lockton Pacific