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A - Our sourcing relationships enable us to acquire extremely low-metered devices which are equivalent to “floor models.” We buy these units at significant discounts and pass along the savings to our customers.
A - Our customers typically save 30-50%, which can equate to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions, depending on the size of their fleet.
A - 90% of our customers were in the middle of an existing lease. In most cases, we were able to save them money by paying off their remaining lease, refreshing their technology, and significantly reducing their costs.
A - We offer a 5-year, 100% replacement guarantee.
A - Yes, we offer various leasing options at the same rates as brand new equipment.
A - Service is completely guaranteed and, in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, we will switch you to a different service provider of your choice.
A - 95% uptime and 4-hour response time.
A - The entirety of the United States.

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