When Sierra Canyon School’s new CFO, Richard Shapiro, inherited an expensive lease for a 20 copier/printer fleet, he knew he needed a better solution. The school still owed $270,000 and with three of the five years still remaining, multiple vendors were unwilling to work with the school until the expiration date approached. But poor service necessitated an urgent change as teachers, administrators, and IT staff struggled with 6-8 hour response times and frequent service calls due to poor equipment reliability. A viable solution seemed unlikely, until Shapiro contacted Revolution Office.


The Revolution Office team carefully analyzed Sierra Canyon’s lease and service agreements and conducted site visits and interviews with key stakeholders to better understand their needs. As a result, Revolution Office created a plan to upgrade their entire fleet with state-of-the-art, multi-functional devices with copy, print, scan, and fax capabilities—all while significantly reducing costs.


Sierra Canyon saved $195,000 in addition to the $180,000 that Revolution Office paid in their remaining lease obligations. Service improved dramatically, with average response times dropping from six hours to just three hours. Crucially, uptime improved to a 98% level, so the Sierra Canyon team now spends less time dealing with equipment outages and more time focused on their educational mission.


"The Revolution Office team has been very creative in designing customized and unique solutions for our school. They are incredibly responsive and have delivered a customer experience well beyond my expectations."

Richard Shapiro
CFO, Sierra Canyon School