4Whatitsworth Global


4Whatitsworth Global was in the middle of a lease agreement for two multi-functional devices and the associated costs were quite high. The company needed to meet important document-related deadlines for design and production requirements. Color calibration for specific pantones is critical to the company’s success. Also, the company had a pending facility move to a larger office space. Having only one color copier was a concern, as any downtime created the risk of missing deadlines and impacting revenue and, during the transition period, the company required copiers at both facilities.


Revolution Office was able to pay off the company’s substantial remaining lease obligation on their two devices and provide faster and more efficient replacement equipment. In addition to replacing the two current devices, we also added three additional devices to allow for additional capacity. Lastly, Revolution Office arranged for equipment to remain at the old facility until it was no longer needed, while at the same time providing equipment at the new location to ensure no business interruption.


Revolution Office provided 4Whatitsworth Global with five, best-in-class devices to meet the company’s growing needs and saved them $110,000. Additionally, response time was cut from 5 to 3 hours and uptime improved to a new, more efficient level of 98%.